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illegibilus :: Tristan Llewellyn by getsuuu illegibilus :: Tristan Llewellyn by getsuuu

⋘ G E N E R A L ⋙

ɤ ›NAME: Tristan Llewellyn       ɤ ›AGE: 17 (Year 6)       ɤ ›BIRTHDAY: December 4th
ɤ ›HOUSE: Gryffindor               ɤ ›HEIGHT WEIGHT: 186cm (6'1") // 74kg (165lb)

ɤ ›PET: Verity ♀ - Norwegian Forest Cat

⊀ Peaceful || Lazy || Affectionate || Greedy ⊁

A rather laid back cat who can be found anywhere warm (and occasionally cold) with a soft cushion and the bustle of people. Likes being pet and purrs often in contentment, especially around Tristan. Seems to be particularly attached to hear owner and vice versa (makes people wonder if the name holds a special meaning to him...). Eats a lot and is not above stealing treats from other cats, making her something of a bully though she doesn't like to fight with the other pets.


⊀ Dragon Heartstring - Ash - 12 1/2" - Unyielding ⊁

- Most adept at Charms and powerful in casting offensive spells. Decent at defensive spells
- Performs reasonably well over all.


Expelliarmus - Petrificus Totalus - Colloportus - Reparo - Obliterating Charm - Incendio

Extra Curricular ⊁                         ⊀ >Electives

Art                                                Alchemy
Earth Magic                                     Quidditch (Keeper)

⋘ P R O F I L E ⋙

Possessive | Proud | Cocky | Takes actions over words | Levelheaded | Selfish

Though part of Gryffindor, which seems to imply that one has a good heart, Tristan is anything but. While rather loud and sociable, he enjoys pushing a person’s buttons, testing them to see how far he can push them before they snap (occasionally he does and it’s not a pretty sight). Whether out of boredom or curiosity, no one knows, Tristan likes to toy with his friends and play harmless games with them. Well harmless until it’s not. However, he is dedicated and loyal to those he cares for, willing to stick by them in the worst of situations, or rather being overly attached as if he’s afraid to lose them.

Tristan is prideful and often his pride earns the best of him, taking on bets that he may not win at and coming off as cocky and rude. He still manages to be the calm one in a tight situation, able to think fast and rarely panicking and most of the times one step ahead of the competition. Tristan values action more than words and what someone does means more to him than what one says. He’s very selfish and keeps a tight hold on things dear to him, unwilling to make sacrifices unless for a dire situation.

Likes ⊁                                                   ⊀ Dislikes
+ Casting spells                                          - Summer days
+Sweet things, best if warm                          - Long bouts of boredom or periods of time with nothing to do
+ Verity (both the cat and…?)                       
+ Wizard Chess

Tristan Llewellyn was born on December 4th, in the midst of a blizzard, to a pureblood father and a muggle mother. The period of time when Tristan was born was hard. His parents were not particularly wealthy and he did not grow up with many luxuries. Those that he had he treasured and hoarded selfishly, his room becoming a mine of collections that included everything from Christmas cards to butterfly wings. His mother and father did not have a stable job and as such they traveled often, living in the muggle world as needed, renting various flats wherever there was work. Moving was particularly bothersome, being the hoarder that he was. His childhood was rather unstable but he managed to spend the most of it in Wales where he learned Welsh and English.

When he turned 9, however, his father found a stable job in an English suburb, and he attended a muggle primary school where he was popular but found it difficult to make close friends, unable to leave behind the idea that one day he might have to leave and never see them again (which was not completely untrue). He had a grand total of two childhood friends, one of them whom he remembers colored out in black after their final meeting before he left for Hogwarts. The last one, he remembers fondly but the times he spent with her seemed to be bittersweet. However, it’s difficult to tell as he does not talk about his life during this time, but she seems to know all about it.

When he’s 11, Tristan receives a letter from Hogwarts, to no one’s surprise, and discovers his parents had been saving since he was young so he could afford good robes and his spellbooks. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, Tristan begins to interact with others more and more and for him; his first years have been somewhat of a dream. Now, having successfully done well on his OWLs, he’s prepared to suffer through his NEWTs.

Gerard Llewellyn ⊁ Father

Monique Llewellyn ⊁ Mother

Rowan Ingram ⊁ Cousin, whom he’s fond of

Amy Deasmhumhain - friends(??) - They met and got drunk and then thought they had sex and then nearly had sex. It's all very complicated and messed up. Top top it all off, it seems like they don't even like each other much..... (sexual tension + moving way too fast). Is interested in her like people are interested in things that burn.
Catherine Featherstone - annoying, barely bearable - Thinks she's full of it, and dislikes her mostly because his cat does. First thing they did upon meeting was a mock duel. Literally. Currently will mock her

Sai Valentine - friends (????) - A girl he met outside of a potions classroom and had been initially annoyed with (and, to be very honest, extremely bored with). Warmed up to her eventually and currently likes her to a degree(???). He's unsure of what it is, as he feels it's a little more than friendship, but nowhere near the feeling of "love". Doesn't want to label it because he feels it's a passing phase.

Dmitri Leschyov - acquaintance - Likes him well enough, considering his dry and rather lacking sense of humor matches. Was a competent partner when brewing antidotes, luckily (Tristan is absolutely shit at antidotes).

Alice Barry - pushover - Good chaser, but way too nice, bordering on boring personality

Nadi Chota - bitch personality - Thinks she's an egotistical ass (which ironically makes him like her more than if she had been a nice girl)

Sophie Bankston - bad acquaintances - Has no idea what's up with this girl and thinks she's got too many issues. Although, every drop of bad blood between them is his fault considering a) he's used every breathe he could to mock her ever since he's met her b) he broke her heart in his 4th year, when he was an unsubtle as fuck asshole (he doesn't remember this though)

Artemis Eisler - dorm mate - Bros who get along. Likes him considerably better than Tore as a roommate probably because they get each other. Read as they lounge around half naked bonding time hella

Tore Vitaliy - the other dorm mate - Argues with him a lot and Tristan absolutely does not understand what's with the shitty double standard about the shirlessness. Okay he kind of does and is aware that it's his fault. Kind of.

Ein Schutzhauer - acquaintance - A shy Hufflepuff that reminds him of his cousin. Thinks she's sweet but needs more self esteem.

Alexia Ang - closest friend and most trusted confident - Pretty much what people call best friends, though he always finds that term odd in application to his life. Cares for her exceptionally and is affectionately mean to her. Trusts her completely as she knows everything about him (and vice versa). They tried dating when they were younger but decided best friends > infinitely better than being exes.

⊁ Good at flying, though he was never inclined to join Quidditch UNTIL YEAR 6 BECAUSE PEER PRESSURE LOL
⊁ Was contemplated to be sorted into Ravenclaw, like his father, but he had rudely thought that Ravenclaw was too nerdy for him. Oops.
⊁ Wears glasses when reading. His far sightedness is not bad enough that he requires it any other time.
⊁ Good at remembering faces and names, but bad at matching them.

ɤ ›RP METHODS: skype, chats, notes

COPY PASTES FORMATTING FROM OTHER APP ORZZZ (too lazy to come up with new one tbh)

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