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MnG :: Akira Okazaki by getsuuu MnG :: Akira Okazaki by getsuuu

I will rp by skype or notes. (or chats if I'm ever in there laughs)

[N]ame: Akira Okazaki (岡崎秋桜 Okazaki Akira)
[N]icknames: Okazaki-san, Aki-chan, you can make one up I don’t care LOL
[A]ge: 16 (November 25)
[Y]ear: Freshneatman (1st Year)
[H]eight: 5’11” / 179cm
[W]eight: 161lb / 72kg


[L]evel: TBA
[M]ain Stroke: Breaststroke

Akira lacks stamina, but he’s quick and has good technique. Originally a freestylist, he switched to breaststroke (because it’s not as intense as the other strokes lazy fucker) after quitting water polo, though he still plays during his free time. He still can’t do the long swims for shit, 100m IM being the only long distant swimming he can put up with.



[+] Takoyaki-senpai, Ryo-senpai, Ochinchin-senpai (aka the childhood friends) | Sanitary places | Playing weird tricks | Getting up close and personal (read as: invading personal bubbles) | Wonky hair colors | Cold food, cold drinks, cold things in general | Taking long, long, LONG baths (and then looking like a prune LMAO)


[-] Rainy weather | Heterochromia | Spicy food ("Ryo-senpai and Takoyaki-senpai are weirdos") | Bullies | Moving vehicles (GETS CARSICK ASLDKFJA BANE OF HIS EXISTENCE OKAY) | Parents, mothers specifically | Ugh dirty clothes lying on the ground clean up yo shit people

Observant | Meticulous, borderline OCD | Sarcastic | Manipulative/Charming kind of | Lazy | Insecure 

Akira is a weirdo, there’s actually no other way to describe him. He’s a total creep, and people watching might be one of his favorite hobbies. He likes to appear as charming and suave. As well, he’s careful about everything he does and hates working with groups (read as: super OCD). Akira holds the belief that every person has to earn his respect before he will give it. He still calls everyone with honorifics and talks in this annoyingly sarcastic and polite tone to many people, although a lot of the times he doesn’t really mean it. 

However, Akira is still the baby of the group (even though he pretends to be mature), forever insecure and nervous about what people think about him. He hates his eyes because it makes him stand out and gives a reason for people to think badly of him. Incredibly sore loser and will bitch about it. Also enjoys taunting his opponents or rivals. His laziness is legendary by the way, unless it involves swimming or cleaning up a mess.

Akira was born in Shinjuku as the only child of the Okazaki family. As a child, his heterochromia attracted a lot of attention from his peers, much of it unwanted and his response to this, 90% of the time, was to punch the guy in the face (he was an angry five year old okay stop judging). As a result, he constantly had to face the angry parents whenever he got into a fight (he develops a slight fear of the parents and resents them because as far as he’s considered, it’s never his fault). His family decides to move when he was in first grade.

In elementary school, he did okay. Not spectacular, but well enough. He also meets his childhood buddies Takao, Ryota, and Hyacinthe after helping fend off a bunch of bullies. They became inseparable and best friends and neighbors (doki doki //hit). He, being the youngest, ended up attending elementary alone for his last year because everyone else graduated already, and he begins to get into fights again. In sixth grade, his family moves back to Shinjuku, and he attends middle school in the city. During that time, he begins to swim competitively as well as joined the water polo team as a way to vent. Akira grows to love both sports and chooses to continue both sports.

Upon beginning his search for a suitable high school, he stumbles by Mizu no Gakuen. He decides to enroll in it when he hears that two of his childhood friends had decided to attend it as well and thus begins their kawaii high school days sighs.


- Adept at fighting, mostly street brawling 
- Has a high IQ (130+) but he’s too lazy to actually try enough to do well in school. Also finds learning extremely boring and reads porn in class or something
- Does track on the side when swimming and waterpolo are not in session
- Super easy to bully
- Actually a little shorter than Ryota (think in between Hyacinthe and Ryota in height)

Takao Miyazaki: “Takoyaki-senpai is kinda weird and sticks stickers on odd places. He changed a lot after he moved but still know him.” (childhood friend)

Ryota Kitajima: “Ryo-senpai acts sort of like that chill older brother but he’s clueless sometimes. His hair grew a lot these last couple of years.” (childhood friend)

Hyacinthe Lance Vieux: “Ochinchin-senpai turned into a different person I swear! He got tanned.” (childhood friend)

Resubmit from new account sorry everyone u _ u

Okazaki Akira © senpais ~milleno
%Mizu-no-Gakuen © ~Prince-Jae
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